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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Expectations?

Based off of the expressed needs of the Client, which include floral components (flowers), containers/related decor, and labor, the Client will be billed via invoice at the time of booking. The expectation is that the Client will pay the invoice in full at the time of receipt.

What are the payment options?

Monetary payments can be made with USD, through specified channels by Living Beauty Florals (e.g. Square Cash, Paypal, and Credit/Debit).

What happens if there are event changes or cancellations?

Living Beauty Florals will do their best to accommodate changing needs, however it should be noted that certain changes may not doable depending on time and allotted parameters. If any additions are made to an arrangement, said changes will need to be communicated no later than 72 hours prior to the event and WILL be subject to an additional fee, which is due immediately upon invoice receipt. If the Client needs to cancel the contracted event, Living Beauty Florals requires a 14 day notice. If there is extenuating circumstances and the cancellation is accepted, should work have already commenced then this will result in a 50% charge of the original contracted amount.


Due to the market and dedication to utilizing only fresh product, Living Beauty Florals cannot guarantee that certain flowers will be available as desired. Thus, without compromising quality and vision Living Beauty Florals may have to substitute selected floral items at times. Living Beauty Florals agrees to obtain consent from the Client for any changes or alterations done to the specified arrangement and furthermore agrees to collect instruction on color and approved floral substitutions at the time of booking from the Client for due-diligence. Should a substitution occur and the purchase rate becomes lower than the contracted rate the difference will be refunded to the Client.

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